A little purple inspiration


     I’m not a fan of flower patterns on clothing, but I enjoy looking at actual flowers. In my opinion, there is nothing better than sitting amidst flowers. Flowers are inspiring, the littlest thing triggers my imagination and I start to write like it’s the end of the world.
     Purple is my favourite colour, so you could imagine how happy I was coming across this. I’m not a photographer but I have to give credit where credit is due by taking pictures of amazing things and letting people admire them. I hope I can salvage some more of my holiday pictures and post the ones with a wonderful view. Have a great day!


The effect of a sunset


     Hey there! I’m not really a photographer but I needed to capture this wonderful image. While in Turkey, at our beach house, I had come out for a walk and I stumbled across this wonderful sunset. This scene inspired me to write some poems on nature and self-actualization.
     I have more photos of some captivating imagery and I’ll share them later. Have a wonderful day xxx

Chasing the rainbow

double rainbow

      I hear the footsteps in the distance. With a hand on my heart, I anticipate his presence. Falling in love with a man is always a risk when you’re a girl; when you can’t even love yourself. Feeling the gentle tap on my shoulder, I turn around.

     “Why have you come here, after all you’ve done?” I whispered. He doesn’t answer. “What else could you possibly say?” I implored, he still remains mute. Moments of silence go by as the tears build in my eyes. I decide to walk away.

     While I turn around, he grabs my arm and utters words I know all too well, words that form my favorite quote, words he had said many times before. I knew what it meant, but it felt like a knife in my chest. I never assumed it would be used on me. He looks into my eyes and whispers “I was your thunderstorm, all you can do now is chase the rainbow, your rainbow”.

     This was my first attempt on short stories and I would really appreciate some feedback on your thoughts and how to improve it. Thank you!


Well, this year I’m stuck at home for the summer. I didn’t really have a problem with it until now. Thinking of stuff to write for my blog has really given me something to take my mind off things. As you can tell, I write poetry. I enjoy reading all forms of literature. I dabbled in short stories for a while but I didn’t have a keen interest for it. Here are a list of books and poems I think are a must-read. Literature is life basically, it is a written representation of society. Well, here is my list:

the poison tree- William Blake (poet)

the tenth circle- Jodi Picoult (author)

Solitude- Ella Wheeler Wilcox (poet)

unbridled- Jude Dibia (author)

piano and drum- Gabriel Okara (poet)

zoo- James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (authors)

I hope you check these out and enjoy *winks and gives an awkward smile*


I’m at war
I’m fighting alone
The feeling of hatred
It’s here, it’s grown
I’m alone
No one’s near
I shout
No one hears

I’m fighting a battle that’s not even mine
The days are long
The sun doesn’t shine

I can’t see the blood beneath my feet
My hands are blistered from scorching heat
I’m lost in a world I’ve never known
I’ve been gone for too long
I don’t know home

I’m running
I can’t stop
My feet are numb
My skin damp
I can’t breathe
Everything’s black
I shut my eyes
It’s too late to turn back