Once in a while..

    Trying to be a writer isn’t as easy as most people think. Writers block is quite annoying. Being a student, I don’t have enough time to sit and think about what to write. Some days, the ideas just come to me. I call those days “once in a while days”, not very imaginative but it’s quite catchy haha. I’ve had one of those days, I’ll be sure to make a post before the week ends, it’ll be a short story this time. Thanks for being patient! 

Filiz xoxo



     When I stumble across a few good books, I always have to share. Finding a good book is like finding a new friend, a friend you can pick up at random times ;-). The following are a combination of African and western literature, you can find most of these books online and if I find any links where you can purchase them, I’ll be sure to post. I hope you enjoy!
On Black Sisters Street – Chika Unigwe

A Widow For One Year – John Irving

Walking With Shadows – Jude Dibia

The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert

Midnight Girls – Lulu Taylor


He’s an enigma
A conundrum to all
A man in disguise
The hidden face
The lone ranger
The man of my dreams

His voice, an echo
His face, a shadow
His eyes like fire
Burning deep into your soul
Haunting your dreams
Distorting reality

He feigns happiness
Love, compassion
Foreclosing on your thoughts .
He’s cultivated
He’s mysterious at heart
He’s an enigma

The man with no name
The man who’s past remains unknown
The hidden face
He speaks the language of the dogmatist
No one contests him
The lone ranger

He embedded thoughts of love,
Deep in my mind
He’s ensnared my body.
I yield

His voice echoes throughout my head
I scream
I yell
His enigmatic soul
I succumb to him
The man of my dreams