The double life


Growing up mixed race is quite an educational experience. Sipping some kahve from a Turkish coffee cup while munching on a piece of akara is a combination most people would think of.  Having parents from different backgrounds is like “the best of both worlds” so to say. Living in Nigeria (my father’s country), no one ever guesses I’m Turkish, no one also guesses I’m even Nigerian.

The common nationalities here are American, British, Indian and Lebanese. If I’m neither of the aforesaid nationalities, the people can’t possibly see me as anything else. Amusingly, in Nigeria I’m the “white” person and in Turkey I’m the “black” or “Israeli-looking” person. Either way, I look like a foreigner in both my home countries. Being from two backgrounds enables me to see the beauty in two totally diverse cultures and how they joined together to form me *winks*

Honestly, I feel I’m quite blessed to be like this, its an honour to be able to call two wonderful cultures your own. I couldn’t ask for anything else…..maybe some stuff but they’re out of context haha


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