Looking at my dad’s CD collection, its quite evident that there is a difference between music of the past and present. Artistes like Billy Ocean (1970’s -1980’s) had wonderful tracks, mainly about love. Love, being the operative word. Artistes from those years sang about finding the love of your life, being free from inhibitions and other worldly things. Listening to my parents talk about new age music makes me question my own taste in music. They often complain about the lack of courtesy these days, and how respect for the opposite sex has vanished and is being replaced by a load of bad decisions.

New age music is catchy. The repetitive lyrics are hard to get out of your head. Most people focus on the beat of the song and the general vibe it gives off, hate to admit it but I’m one of them. As the saying goes “when you’re happy, you pay attention to the beat, when you’re sad, you focus on the lyrics”, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit – “listen to all the lyrics and understand them”, not as fancy but I’m hoping it’ll catch on *winks*. Today’s songs are usually about reaching a state of euphoria by mood enhancing substances, finding that perfect one-night-stand or battling depression. Where is the love?! What happened to music? From the 1990’s – till date, song lyrics have taken a drastic turn, if music comes from the soul, I wonder who these artistes really are. Hits can be made by words like “ass, blunt, etc but singing about reaching the top and finding your true love are only applicable to certain audiences.

As time progressed, people have established certain social norms which affect decisions, kind of like an unwritten constitution (I’m obsessed with government :-)) Yes I agree, peoples tastes in things develop with time, but the way children sing about “getting high” and have adult conversations makes me ponder on the intentions of the future generations. I’m not writing this to slash the music industry, I’m doing this in order to try and bring back the valiance, to bring back the soulful music about finding love and freedom and to make people remember that there WAS a time when our parents loved music, music we should try and pay attention to; music we can fall in love to.

More posts this week! School work has taken up most of time :-(, take care xx



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