The stress of being natural


I know, I know, hair is such a common topic; everyone wants to talk about hair. Has anyone ever burst your bubble about natural hair? Maintaining it? Maybe. Of course you’ve been asked the question “why don’t you just get it straightened?” and sometimes you never really know what to say. I know what to say, it’s so easy “I want healthy hair” (and it looks good so yeah). The key to maintaining natural hair is basically knowing your products and eating right. I know, some will have doubts ha-ha. Those of you that have managed to keep the natural look, I commend you. I know that’s not easy.

Being “natural” entails more than just refusing to get a relaxer put in, it means the will and determination and a bit of money invested in maintaining your prized possession (or rather, hair). The amount of products and mixtures used in taking care of natural hair is not a joke. I have used more products than the average person, from Olive Oil to onion paste, yes, onion paste. Being the outcast that I am, I had to have weird hair as some of my friends have said. My mixed race hair (is that even a thing?) is a cross between thick, bushy hair and long, loose curls which is easy to maintain, so my friends say.

Most people assume natural hair can only be styled in few ways like afros, buns and braids. I’m here to give an answer to those assumptions, NO. There is so much to be done with hair, despite the texture. Lately, natural hair has become a trend and now EVERYONE wants to go natural; on the plus side, new styles are arising thanks to some very creative people. I just twist my hair and it kinda looks like dreadlocks, quite simple if you ask me.

Since I have put it upon myself to help the people of the world in any way that I can, I’ve comprised a list of my tested and preferred natural hair care products and concoctions, I hope these help, have fun testing:

  1. any shea butter product e.g, Shea Moisture, shea butter is quite amazing.
  2. two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, one egg and a mashed avocado. Apply paste to hair and eave for 30 mins. Was with normal shampoo afterwards.
  3. Ouidad
  4. Amla oil, its an Indian hair oil. Indian women have lovely, thick hair.
  5. My Natural Curl
  6. Kinky-curly
  7. Hip Peas
  8. Vibe
  9. Dark and Lovely Au Naturale
  10. Curls Unleashed.
  11. quarter an onion, blend and sift until a smooth paste is formed. Apply to hair and leave for as long as desired then wash with normal shampoo until the smell is gone, or you could squeeze some lemon into your shampoo. It always helps!