An astronomical amour

I was nothing but a hothead, the spark that ignites a flame, the fortune hunter. My aura knew no bounds, for I was a fighter, I was drawn to the wild. sitting amidst my fire, I saw him. Eyes as blue as water yet clear as glass, a childlike innocence that was seductive. I wanted him. I put my ears to his chest seeking his rhythmic heartbeat, I got nothing but the splash of the waves. He oozed serenity and fresh air, I felt my flame flicker. He wasn't your ordinary wave.

My fire started going out, his waves started to boil, our auras were going awry. Our union seemed to be a match made in heaven, yet, we were water and fire. I wanted him, he needed me. He was the only water that tolerated my fire, my flames seemed to dance on his waves. Our forbidden love was intoxicating, yet I couldn't get enough. Our embrace was lethal. He'd evaporate at my touch, I'd be quenched with his kiss. Taming me was inevitable, I'm a fire spirit, I need to be free. His calm demeanor unnerved me. The silence was deafening. I ran mad with every passing minute. We were meant for each other - opposites attract. With every evaporation, every burn out, I knew it was coming to an end.

As I make known this story, I feel there is no love lost. For I wanted something unrealistic, like wanting water mixed with oil. Our tale is but an unmistakable one, I being the predator, he my prey. In search of a new toy, I found my water angel, my very own treat. My spark didn't die despite our separation, my existence found a meaning - desire. Desire for the unknown, the good and the bad. Desire for the things that make me tick, a joy ride, roll in the hay; anything but love.

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