As It Rained

“Rosa!” I cried, as I watched her stand at the edge of the platform. The angels weeping, their sobbing shaking the earth. “ROSA!” I cried once more, inching closer into the rain. Her mascara stained face coming closer into view. With each shudder she made, with each wipe at her face, the angels wept even harder. I meant to tell her the truth, the story of my transgressions. How can I explain that I’m in love with a man, when a woman owns all my possessions? “Rosa, my love!” I moaned in anguish, my voice muffled by the sound of the train on its tracks. BOOM! the thunder sounded, BANG! my heart pounded. My heart began to melt as I watched the train illuminate her face. “I didn’t mean to hurt you!” I threw into the wind, never have I been overcome with a bounty of sin. Turning to face me, with a hand stretched, too far out of my reach, I saw a smile form on her lips. She mouthed an “I love you” as she collided with the train. My Rosa, my love, I lost her as it rained.