Who’s REALLY With you?

I’d like to say that I’m very lucky when it comes to friends. I’d also like to be honest, I’m not as lucky as I’d like to believe. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves, the handpicked brothers and sisters. Has your “sister” been acting up? Is your “brother” being shady? It’s about time you have a seat and go through your list of friends. NOTE: if you’re trying to your crazy friend and you can’t, it’s probably you. Find out if everyone around you is with you, or, for you. Do you have people around you that don’t appreciate you? Or don’t look happy for you when you achieve something great? Take a look, you might have a Judas among you. I feel it’s time to give you an insight into the life that I call mine, let’s look at the time I almost got a job at Starbucks, in Turkey.

My long time “friend,” let’s call her Jane, who speaks perfect Turkish, was going to help me with my interview and possibly, work alongside me (assuming I got the job). During the interview, I noticed the manager had a very displeased look on his face while Jane translated every answer I gave, I couldn’t help but think “Gosh, I can’t even get a job at Starbucks?” After a week, I was informed that I didn’t get the job, however, Jane did. She later confessed that she misinterpreted my answers on purpose (the nerve!) I’d like to believe she had a reason for doing that, I didn’t hang around to see if she had one, unfortunately. Anyway, the lesson should be: always learn the language before getting the job, but, I think it should be: not everyone that is with you, is for you, check your friends; even Jane that’d been with me for so long decided to be my Waterloo (we don’t speak anymore).

In my forthcoming posts, I will be replying emails which center around the same topic and also taking requests which I have received. Thanks x.