Free – Beyond the fence

Fence – Today’s Prompt

It’s my chance to run,

to be free from my mundane possessions,

to see the vast plain that grips my existence.

It’s my chance to run,

to relish for my juvenescence,

to breathe in the scent of life and youth.

For the barrier I see is not physical,

it does not hinder my actions,

the barrier I see is mental,

the Fence which blocks my understanding,

the barrier I see is not eternal.

It is my chance to run,

my chance to break free,

my time to capture my soul,

to go beyond the fence that is, my mind.


Sailing to the unknown


Why search for the unknown? How do you know what to search for? It’s easier to take the risk than sit and ask yourself a bunch of boring questions. A voyage is a journey, usually by sea. In this case, our sea isn’t  made of water, it’s made of dreams; dreams and aspirations, our aims and objectives, the “unknown.” My previous responses to the daily prompts seem to have been forerunners for this – Voyage.  Are your dreams in mind? Are they achievable? Do I ask myself a lot of questions? Yes. However, I often ask myself these questions before embarking on my journey, before “sailing to the unknown.”

I advise most people to take this voyage, to be fearless while on their journey, while sailing on their sea of dreams. Knowing it is never as easy, I give the example of an actual sailor. A sailor can never predict the mood of the sea, no matter how sure he or she claims to be. That’s the same thing with life, you can never tell what’s going to happen. Our experiences are like waves, uncontrollable, and in some cases, enjoyable. We are the sailors of the ship which is our life, and we need to take control of our sea of dreams. Never stray away from embarking on this voyage, it may turn out to be something spectacular, bear in mind, it never hurts to try.

I’d like to leave this little saying, for those who wish to embark on the voyage that is life, for all the sailors out there, “the universe lies before you on the floor, in the air, in the mysterious bodies of your dancers, in your mind. From this voyage, no one returns poor or weary.” – Agnes De Mille.

Why Strive for Perfection?

Perfection The Daily Prompt

This is for the writers, the people constantly seeking inspiration and bursts of ideas; basically, it’s for everyone. I’m sure everyone needs bits of inspiration here and there, and I’m sure everyone waits for ideas. Do these ideas have to be perfect? Have you noticed that two snowflakes are never identical? If they were, it would be boring, just the same pattern over and over again. In other words, perfection is boring. Being different is what makes us who we are, a world full of perfect people might sound lovely, but in reality, it’d be horrible.

When it comes to writing, I like to acknowledge this saying by Margaret Atwood: “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” My writing comes from my far-from-perfect experiences. My problems make me who I am. Rather than striving for perfection in the various areas of my life, I strive for greatness and excellence. On your search for perfection, you’ll stumble across some bouts of excellence and greatness I advise you to stick with. If you spend your whole life searching for perfection, you won’t have a life. Perfection is unattainable, for humans, that is. In my opinion, the only thing that is perfect in this world is God, and even He made us different and unique. Don’t try to be God, try to be yourself.

PERFECT: a seven letter word which should not exist because it is not real (for humans).





Narcissus II

Never had he seen a being so pure, or a human with such complexity. Gazing into the crystal blue eyes staring back at him, all worldly thoughts escaped his mind. “wow.” he whispered, watching those succulent lips move, he had never seen a person more captivating. Those arms, those legs, even the hands which had seen better days, nothing prepared him for the glory he basked in.

Getting lost, deeper and deeper, into the trance induced by the intoxicating scent which clouded his judgement; a less than gentle finger tapped him out of it. “Either stop looking at yourself, or buy the mirror, sir.” “Oh, right. Excuse me.”






Voices ♥


    “Louder! Louder!”

she said, while we raised our banners and signs.

We cried till our throats were sore,

the sweat dripping into our eyes.

“higher! higher!”

she cried, as our limbs began to fail us.

The eyes of the officials turning away,

their “deaf” ears turning red with shame.

For there is no greater struggle,

the struggle for our voices to be heard,

the struggle for recognition,

acknowledgement and acceptance.

Simplicity is key ♥


     Have you heard the saying “flashy is trashy?” Well, I have. I’m not condemning those who enjoy the extravagant things in life, or those who like shiny and shimmering goodness, but I like the simple things. This doesn’t apply to just fashion, I’ve come to realize that it applies to EVERYTHING. Going on dates (not that I’ve been on any), it’s better to appreciate the time, rather than the place, or, the type of food. Those matter too, however, impress your partner with your charm and wit, not your wallet. With fashion, you don’t really  have to show off your bright red top and your sparkling blue tights, I’ve seen the combo, I wish I could’ve washed my eyes. Even writing, using all those big words may make you seem fancy, but it just makes your reader frustrated. Nobody wants to have to check the dictionary every five words just to enjoy the write-up. Yes, it’s nice to know the big words but it’s even nicer to know when and how to use them.

     Sometimes the most elegant things are the littlest things, even when it comes to house decor. Simple patterns and colors really make things seem cozy, unlike bright colors paired with even brighter colors. Just makes the eyes hurt. Normally, I would’ve written a poem to appreciate the prompt. I’m trying to deviate from my norm, it’s nice to spice things up; after all, change is inevitable. To sum up, the saying “less is more” should be realized, not just in one aspect of your life, but in all. Extravagance is nice but it should’t be overdone, nothing should be overdone. Learn to appreciate the finer and smaller things in life.