Narcissus II

Never had he seen a being so pure, or a human with such complexity. Gazing into the crystal blue eyes staring back at him, all worldly thoughts escaped his mind. “wow.” he whispered, watching those succulent lips move, he had never seen a person more captivating. Those arms, those legs, even the hands which had seen better days, nothing prepared him for the glory he basked in.

Getting lost, deeper and deeper, into the trance induced by the intoxicating scent which clouded his judgement; a less than gentle finger tapped him out of it. “Either stop looking at yourself, or buy the mirror, sir.” “Oh, right. Excuse me.”







9 thoughts on “Narcissus II

  1. Ah the beauty of a person lost within their own visage is something many don’t think about. So many are vain in this world, I am surprised we aren’t merely surrounded by mirrors everywhere we go. I personally couldn’t stand in front of a mirror for as long as a truly vain person, as vanity is not a thing afforded to those who have better things to do.

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      1. Being a stay at home mom of two, there is little to no time for vanity nor reason for it, seeing as I find it hard to keep my appearance “pleasing” aside from a shower every other day lol

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