Why Strive for Perfection?

Perfection The Daily Prompt

This is for the writers, the people constantly seeking inspiration and bursts of ideas; basically, it’s for everyone. I’m sure everyone needs bits of inspiration here and there, and I’m sure everyone waits for ideas. Do these ideas have to be perfect? Have you noticed that two snowflakes are never identical? If they were, it would be boring, just the same pattern over and over again. In other words, perfection is boring. Being different is what makes us who we are, a world full of perfect people might sound lovely, but in reality, it’d be horrible.

When it comes to writing, I like to acknowledge this saying by Margaret Atwood: “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” My writing comes from my far-from-perfect experiences. My problems make me who I am. Rather than striving for perfection in the various areas of my life, I strive for greatness and excellence. On your search for perfection, you’ll stumble across some bouts of excellence and greatness I advise you to stick with. If you spend your whole life searching for perfection, you won’t have a life. Perfection is unattainable, for humans, that is. In my opinion, the only thing that is perfect in this world is God, and even He made us different and unique. Don’t try to be God, try to be yourself.

PERFECT: a seven letter word which should not exist because it is not real (for humans).






13 thoughts on “Why Strive for Perfection?

  1. Though humanity is far from perfection, there is indeed perfection within all of us. It is the unique and amazing quirks of each and every person that makes us our own perfect selves. Just as I am a firm believer that each person in the world has their perfect match. 🙂 Perfect is a word that has multiple uses, in describing an object, a place of serenity, an experience, a color, or a personality trait.

    I enjoyed reading your post though, as it is true. If all writers waited for the perfect thing to write, there wouldn’t be libraries filled with thousands of tomes filled with fanciful worlds and amazing expeditions.


  2. K.C Okorie says:

    This write-up about reaching for greatness instead of looking for perfection is perfect on it’s own ‘coz it has the perfect definition of life’s approaches. Thank you Filiz for your piece of works leading to perfection in our flaws.

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  3. Heck ya! I totally agree with you. That’s a great quote by Margaret Atwood. I have decided in my art and life to ‘just do it’. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What is important is exactly what you said, trying for ‘excellence and greatness’.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend, and please have a wonderful week ahead.

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