Ayolekan Samuel Olatunji


Ayolekan Samuel Olatunji, better known as NakeL, is a young musician who has been on the scene for five years. NakeL has ventured in various genres of music such as hip-hop, Afropop and Afrobeat. This sultry-voiced singer impresses his fans with his lyrics and charisma. Breaking into the music scene is never easy, especially when juggling school (hell) and your personal life. NakeL is in the process of making a name for himself in the Nigerian music industry, and at the rate at which he’s going, fame is inevitable.

Within the past three years, NakeL has recorded five songs which are proving to be unmissable hits, with their vibrant beats, catchy choruses and soulful lyrics, you’d be lying to say you’ve never swayed your body to the sound of his voice. These soon to be chart topping hits are Flow, Bola The Baller featuring Mihrabi, Bring it, Like The Way featuring Kaylu and CJ and his latest masterpiece which was released yesterday, Juju. To download and groove to these powerful songs, check out his Twitter and Instagram: @NakelTbg and don’t hesitate to follow him on Snapchat with the same username.

Speaking from experience, these songs are not to be missed. Ayolekan Samuel Olatunji is one to be watched out for, he keeps coming with major hits. Download and enjoy ♥


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